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Yellowstone: The Final Day of Tylee Ryan

Updated: 6 days ago

The Interview Room with Chris McDonough traveled to Yellowstone National Park to film a segment on the Daybell/Vallow case, Evil Minds, bringing viewers a closer look at where Lori Vallow and her brother, Alex Cox, took Lori's kids, JJ Vallow and Tylee Ryan, shortly before the children were murdered.

Chris at Yellowstone National Park during a filming break. Around 4 million people visit the iconic park each year. Yellowstone is larger than the states of Delaware and Rhode Island combined at 3,472 square miles which is over 2.2 million acres.

Herds of bison roam the park and can be seen from the roadways.

The Old Faithful geyser erupts on a regular basis everyday and draws a crowd while the park is open to visitors. There is a picture of Tylee with JJ in front of Old Faithful, which was the last known place where Tylee was before she was killed.

This is what Tylee and JJ would have seen on their Yellowstone visit.

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