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So what happened to Michigan Mom Dee Warner?

Updated: May 25

(Dee and Dale Warner)

How does a 52-year-old vivacious mother and grandmother, who runs a lucrative trucking business and is close to her family members who live nearby, just disappear?

It's been more than a year since Dee's children reported her missing. Dee is married to Dale Warner and the couple have a now 10-year-old daughter. But it was Dee's grown daughter and her family - who came by Dee and Dale's house for their regular Sunday breakfast on April 25, 2021 and discovered their mother gone -- who reported Dee missing to police. Not Dale.

Dee Ann Warner was last seen Saturday April 24, 2021 at her Tecumseh, Michigan home/farm. She has 5 children (4 of whom are grown) and six grandchildren.

Dee's family, led by her brother Greg Hardy, waited close to a year for the local Sheriff's Office to investigate the case and provide answers. But those answers never came. The investigation felt like it was going nowhere. So The Hardys brought in the internationally-known investigative team led by the highly-respected attorney Billy Little. Mr. Little is a nationally-renown capital case attorney who has handled 17 capital murder cases in his career.

Once Mr. Little and his team -- which includes our TIR host Chris McDonough -- got involved, they literally started from scratch and thoroughly investigated the case, which included talking to dozens and dozens of family, friends, acquaintances and others. The team spent months on the ground in the small and rural towns of Tecumseh and Tipton, Michigan, where the Warner family farm is located. It's just down the road from the Hardy's large dairy farm. Dee and Dale were in the trucking business.

After months of investigation, Mr. Little led a closing-argument style presentation of the facts on YouTube's The Interview Room on May 8, which happened to be Mother's Day. Two weeks earlier, Dee's family and the tight-knit community of Tipton, Michigan held a large candlelight vigil for Dee that more than 350 people attended.

(Those who attended the candlelight vigil made the shape of a heart hold lit candle in remembrance of Dee Warner, April 23, 2022.)

Here's a brief summary of what was presented:

  • Dee and Dale Warner were married in 2006. They had a business relationship running their trucking business. The couple had volatile arguments and close friends reported that Dee was seen with bruises on her body multiple times. These fights were not reported to police.

  • There was evidence that Dale was stalking and tracking Dee. The tracking stopped after Dee went missing.

  • On the day Dee was last seen, several people said they saw Dee upset, vomiting, crying. She told people she wanted a divorce and would talk with Dale about splitting up the business.

  • A friend offered to pick up the couple's then 9-year-old daughter that evening for a sleep over so Dee and Dale could talk alone.

  • 10:53pm that evening, the friend texted Dee asking how she was. The text back said "K."

  • 2:30am April 25, Dee's iPhone and Apple watch went dead.

  • 3am, Dale leaves the house and returns at 4:30 am

  • 9:30 am, Dee's daughter and grandkids arrive for breakfast. But Dee is nowhere to be seen.

  • 11:30 am, Dale is holding Dee's $50,000 wedding ring that he said she left on the desk in his office on the property.

  • Cash found in Dee's work desk was not touched. Dale didn't know it was there.

  • The following day, Dale changed the passwords for the security cameras on the property

  • He revokes consent to search the property

  • Tell tells authorities that Dee might be in Mexico or Jamaica

  • Dale allows Dee's Cadillac Escalade to be repossessed

  • Dale does not report his wife missing to police.

  • He transfers assets from Dee's business

  • Dale attempts to use forged documents with Dee's name

  • He doesn't check on his daughter when his wife disappears

  • No security cameras see Dee leaving the property

  • Dale forgets his daily routine on the day Dee disappears

At the end of the YouTube presentation, viewers participated in a poll. They were asked whether the information that was presented should, in their opinion, be presented to a grand jury. With more than 1,100 people voting, 96% said yes, 1% said no, and 3% were undecided.

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