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Updated: 6 days ago

If you're anywhere in the Midwest, put a visit to Gene's Root Beer & Hot Dogs in southern Indiana on your must do list! If you've been following the story of missing Colorado Mom Suzanne Morphew, you'll know that her brother, Andy, runs the family business Gene's Root Beer & Hot Dogs. The iconic drive-in, located in Anderson, Indiana, was named for Suzanne's late father, Gene, who bought the place in 1964 and grew the eatery into what it is today. Gene passed away in November 2020 but Andy has been running the drive-in for years. Today's it's a popular stop for locals and visitors. The root beer is exceptional -- you can take home a six pack or a case -- and the food to great too! We tried the hot dogs, taco salad and yummy sundaes and shakes. It's an old fashioned drive-in that serves its mug root beer in an actual glass mug! They don't skimp on anything and the service is fantastic with smiling, outgoing staff that brings the food to your car on a window tray. Just like the old days!

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