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Out West: Utah, Wyoming & North Dakota

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We stumbled upon this little historical gem in Box Elder County, Utah. It's in the middle of nowhere, literally, but it was fascinating to learn about this place. It marks the spot where the east met the west, where the eastern railroad met the western railroad and the transcontinental railway started.

The Last Spike Site where they connected the tow railroads making it a transcontinental railroad for the very first time in history.

The Southern Pacific Monument.

Utah has amazing sunsets.

After Utah, we headed to Wyoming. We were wowed by its stunning beauty everywhere. (Chris at the Buffalo Bill Dam, WY.)

Then it was on to Medora, North Dakota and the uniquely interesting Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

The park is known for its millions of prairie dogs (we left Buddy at home so he wouldn't go nuts seeing these little cute critters throughout the park!🐶 ).

We also saw bison and wild horses roam the landscape.

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